How is my food delivered and when?

We strive to offer a personal experience to each of our clients. You delivery will be hand delivered by our drivers, never shipped.  Once delivered, your food is to be refrigerated immediately. Our packaging will keep your food fresh and safe for up to 4 hours. When completing your order through our website, you will be prompted to select your delivery date and time- PLEASE NOTE- though you are asked to pick a time it is NOT a guaranteed time. Our personal drivers work just like UPS and to ensure everyone receives their meals in a timely manor and also to ensure our drives work in an organized fashion they follow the fastest, most efficient route possible. That being said, our delivery time is 4PM-7PM on your chosen day and your meals will arrive some time in this frame. If you do not answer the door we will text the number on file to let you know that your order has arrived!

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I ordered the weight loss meal prep package. This package included breakfast, lunch and dinner for 5 days. The food was absolutely delicious! I can't wait to order again!

-Melissa Yack 

Are my meals freezable? Microwave safe? How long are they good for in my fridge?

 All of your Fit Bites meals are freezable and microwaveable. You will want to thaw all frozen meals at least 24 hours prior to preparing it. We suggest that you microwave thawed meals for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. If you prefer to bake your meals, preheat your oven to 350 and bake your dish for 12-15 minutes. Our containers are NOT safe to use in the oven, but are microwavable. All meals are labeled with a "consume or freeze by" date, please follow these instructions. Your meals will stay good in your freezer for 8 weeks. We recommend you write on your lid with a sharpie the date you placed your meal in to the freezer so that you can follow this date!

See What People Are Saying

"Fit Bites is awesome ! The food is fresh always and customized to fit your likes/dislikes."

-Brii Lynn